How to invoice Elmatica AS and Elmatica GMBH

Invoicing Elmatica AS and Elmatica GMBH

Please make sure you read the following before you invoice us:


Please identify on our Purchasing order the correct company that places for the order and hence your invoicing address.


The order is sent from  

    - Elmatica AS: shipments to Norway and the rest of the world except for EU countries


    - Elmatica GMBH: shipments to EU countries


Billing address (you must include all these details on your invoice)

Elmatica AS

Grensen 12
0159 OSLO

VAT number: NO921513240 


Elmatica GMBH

Hittostrasse 12
85354 Freising

VAT number: DE284104533

EORI-NUMBER: DE241133334060447                


It is very important that the VAT and EORI (if billed to Elmatica GMBH) number is clearly stated on the invoice.


All invoices must also contain (if valid) 

    - PO number from purchasing order

    - Only one order per invoice

    - Description of product

    - Tracking number

    - Delivery terms

    - Freight price

    - Quantity shipped

    - Unit price

    - Tooling

    - Currency

Please always send invoice electronically to


Please contact us at if you have any questions

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