How will I receive orders from Elmatica?

You receive orders as email from our ticketing system, Zendesk, with documents attached. The email is the Purchase Order, but you will also find a PO as a PDF if you look at the attachment list at the bottom of the email. The documents attached are important, so please use them where applicable. You will find more information on the documents by reading the emai

What do I do then?

We want to you confirm the order, or ask any questions that you have, as soon as possible. If you have Engineering Queries (EQs), you will find more information on that later in this article. If everything is OK, you confirm the date and price by responding to the email. If you have any questions that is not an EQ - just respond to the email. You do not have to think about who to respond to. All responses will be handled and put in the right queues by us.

What happens if I delete the Purchase Order email?

No big deal - just end us an email on and we will merge it into the purchase order so that you have the full correspondence.

How about EQs?

There are several ways for you to handle EQs. In the PO you will find a link to the article. On the bottom of that page there is a link to a form for sending in EQs. If you have a document of questions, you can also just respond to the PO email, or send that to 

Can I see a list of our orders?

Yes - you can. If you go to and log in, you can click "Check my existing requests". If you have never logged in to this solution, you need to ask for a password. This is how to do that:

  • Click "Login" in the top right corner.
  • In the bottom of that page, you can find a section called "No password?". Click the "Get a password >>" link.
  • Type in the email address you are receiving the POs on, and you will be sent a password by email.  Use this to log in.

Why is there no reference to an Elmatica sales person in the order?

We are doing our best to switch from a person based operation to a department based operation. This means that everybody in a department is to handle the operations that are crucial to us, our customers and our suppliers. Thats why we are using generic addresses and groups when we send out RFQs and Orders.

Why is the system reminding me all the time?

There is a lot of smartness in our system:

  • If you have not confirmed the order within 24 or 48 hours ( depending of the delivery date ), you will be reminded by email. If still no answer from you after another 24 hours, it will be followed up manually.
  • After the PO is confirmed, you will be asked for the appropriate files. If these files are not received 10 (3 for QTA) days before the delivery date, we will remind you again.
  • 3 days before the order is due for shipment, you will be contacted with a request for update on the progress.
  • You will be reminded on the day you are to ship the Order. This is just a friendly reminder to tell you that we are expecting some information from you at the time of shipping, and to give you a link to the information you need if you have lost it.
  • If you receive more reminders than this, it means that you have failed to give us the information we have requested. Failure to answer the new request will result in the order being set to manual follow-up. 
IF you have any questions - please contact us!
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