How to send us an Article

Submit your file directly to our system:

Up to 20MB - please email it to Large files - please use this link The same goes for complex attachments, such as compressed files (zip, arj and such) that contains one or more compressed files.

Is the article just in the planning phase? No files yet?

No sweat - just contact us on or call us, and we will collect the information directly into our database.

Why can't Elmatica receive large or complex files to the normal user email addresses?

Email is not the perfect method for distributing large files. Many email suppliers has taken measures to restrict such files from entering their systems and Google is one of these. As we use Google Apps, this also applies to us. That being said - we wouldn't want it any other way ;-). Our system is made up to give you the information you need as fast and accurate as possible. To do this we need to channel the requests through a properly structured funnel - you will know what we mean when you try it out.

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