Members of Customer Service Group:

Joan Li Juan Chen

Yik Chuang Tang

Yolanda Li

Estelle Blocklet

Laura Scapin

Sophie Zhou (follow up FAR)

What CS is in charge of:

CS handles every aspect of the order process between order Placement and Delivery.


Tasks in priority:


SPO needs handling.

CPO needs handling.

Unassigned tickets.

Suspended tickets.



Special updates for specific customers



Please note:

China office will ONLY handle China suppliers and mainly customers within Asia.

Norway office will handle NON-China suppliers and mainly customers outside Asia

CS organise a meeting every day at 9:30am Norwegian Time to share information and update (add answers after discussion) in this file under the Customer Service sheet.

Customer Service sheet:


See instruction below.

China office Comments Norway office  Comments
Check "Ship today or prior"  Only China suppliers Check "Ship today or prior"  NON-China suppliers
Push "Missing confirmations"  Only China suppliers Check "Delivery today or prior":  Check around 9 AM  - All suppliers
Push missing files and FAR  Only China suppliers Push "Missing confirmations"  NON-China suppliers
    Push missing files and FAR  NON-China suppliers
Handle shipping to HUB, BBX shipments and shipments within China, and SEA shipments   Push "Change Requested"  All suppliers
Vtech Weekly Schedule and Vtech portal   Check orders in "Errors"  
Handle Customers Portals : Fideltronik, Flextronics, Zollner, Flextronics Penang and Wilo Handle Portals : Fideltronik, Flextronics, Zollner and Wilo
Check "Deliver within 7 days or prior" Only China suppliers Check "Deliver within 7 days or prior"  NON-China suppliers - All Kitron Sites to be followed up closely
Delta Electronics (Jiang Su) Ltd. customer delivery procedure   Handle EUU/EUS : Ref "End User Statement.." in Knowledgebase
Finalizing orders for Chinese suppliers    Finalizing orders for all supplier  
Velux sample batch submission in portal   Velux sample batch submission in portal Back up 
Check "Delivery today or prior"  Chinese Supplier Check "Delivery today or prior"  Non-China
Check on the fideltronik Portal once a week.   DHL communication  
EKC Weekly schedule and EKC delivery procedure   Calling customer - Delay treatment  
    Wilo / Zollner update   

 If CS Norway or CS China is not available due to bank holidays nobody a automation email will be activated. 


Early delivery

If the order is delivered earlier than the tolerance agreed in the contract with the customer, the Customer Service must informed the customer of it. 

If this action is not done, Elmatica can take a risk of a bad result on the delivery performance


Late deliveries:

Supplier inform CS of a delay on an order.

CS must always have a reason of a delay given by the supplier and a new delivery date respecting the Lead Time quoted for remake.

CS will update EC with the new delivery date and add one buffer day. CS can cancel buffer but must inform by internal comment how many. Only the buffer days can be touched, (shipping to hub and shipment days need to stay)

CS will call or try to call customer to inform about the delay

CS will then click on the arrow to send the new delivery date to the customer and to confirm the satus of the phone call given

If Supplier is sending a report with corrective actions due to several similar issues on the same article, this report must be sent/assigned to the technical department.

The Country Manager can be informed of the delay when order is important, when it is a new customer, and when it is a long delay.


In case of delay due to re-production needed, CS will verify that the Supplier respects the LeadTime quoted 

In case of 2nd/3rd...delays which does not offer any solution to the customer, CS will assign the delay to the Customer Service Manager, and involve the Country Manager. 


Delayed orders from Europe - 10 WD or less:

- Ask supplier for new price.

- Get accept from broker if new price is ok.

- Then put order one step back - change price and put order as confirmed (not send - just as "status")

- We do not reduce price towards customer if they do not ask.


If the customer shows is unhappy CS Norway will try to reach him by phone by the CS Manager.

Deliveries to Kitron (all sites):

If too early delivery to Kitron, please inform customer and ask if they can change date in their system.

Delivery window is 3 days. Please note that Kitron counts weekend as working days.



 Push "Missing confirmations":

We request order confirmation as follows:

Production time <=10 working days  (QTA) Production time >10 working days  (STD)

>24h, no order confirmation or EQ: Send personal reminder per email by asking status of the EQ, reason why not send yet, due date and aimed shipped date

If EQ are not received on time, 24 or 48 hours CS will ask for information regarding the status, the reason of the delay and a due date, and also aim ship date if no answer of uncomplete, CS will call the supplier. If the call is not enough, CS will escalate the issue for support.

>48h, no order confirmation or EQ: Send personal reminder per email by asking status of the EQ, reason why not send yet, due date and aimed shipped date

(<36h) Call supplier and ask for status on unconfirmed orders (<60h) Call supplier and ask for status on unconfirmed orders

>48h, Escalation 

New order missing EQ escalate to Technical Manager

Repeat order missing confirmation escalate to Procurement Manager

>72h, Escalation 

New order missing EQ escalate to Technical Manager

Repeat order missing confirmation escalate to Procurement Manager 

For Invotec and ILFA the complexity of some boards can be the reason of long EQ, CS will ask broker if delay on EQ acceptable. CS will also ask for status of the EQ, reason why not send yet, due date and aimed shipped date.

If the EQs are sent on "unassigne Customer Service", Customer Service will reassign the ticket to Technical departement, add the OR information, ELM information and status as Tooling. Customer Service will add in internal comment SPO the ticket number of the EQs.

If the EQs are sent on the SPO ticket, Customer Service will create a new ticket to assign it the Technical Departement in a way to avoid missing SPO or CPO tickets. - TD needs to have his own tickets.

*Please note that SCC supplier will send the EQ 2 days after the Order is placed 


Production Files (Working Gerbers; Paste files)

CS will chase up the paste files in gerbers on each order when requested.

If Supplier send more files than requested, Customer Service can send all the files to the customer or only the paste files requested, and archives the rest in EC under the article files section.

If our customer needs the paste files but did not supply any, put "none" under the article in EC. The customer service must ask the customer to supply the files, and then ask the supplier to support and creat the paste files.

Please refer to the Paste files and Working Gerber procedure if needed :


Confirming orders:

When we receive order confirmation from suppliers with deviated ship date (later than we have requested) - we would like CS to support us further, this regards especially on NEW parts where ship date almost on every order will deviate as we count from when EQs are solved, if our supplier is working 5, 6 or 7 days a week, CS will count the days including this information. 
Order on NEW parts
Please contact supplier if LT confirmed is longer than offered LT (LT offered is Leadtime shown in pre-confirmed) - calculate days after EQs solved and ask them to meet requested date, if they refuse assign to broker.
Order on REPEAT parts:
"Please contact supplier if LT confirmed is longer than offered LT (LT offered is Leadtime shown in pre-confirmed) and ask them to meet requested date, if they refuse assign to broker".
Due to the material situation and the full capacity, the factories have increased their LT. CS will have to include this information.
X-OUT - offer initiated by Supplier
CS will need the amount of pcs X-out and must assign to broker before asking customer if acceptable or not. Broker will check price and if customer can accept X out.

Split order initiated by supplier:

If Supplier requests to split an order, in general we do not accept split, so please kindly check first when balance will be shipped.
If balance can be shipped within reasonable time - CS report delay on whole order to customer.
If balance must be remade, split the order - check next order to come if possible to ship the same date.

If 1st part needed urgently and balance need a longer remake, CS will check if the balance can be ship with the next order, if any.


Deliveries that are closed short:

If remake is needed for a smaller QTY and supplier requests to close short, call customer to clarify if needed.


Splitting orders (when the customer requests):

If customer wants to split an order - some pcs earlier etc.
Original order shall be reduced and a new order for balance is to be created. Remember the 100USD extra freight charge.


First Article Report: (Test Report/Production Report)

Check if this already is received. Check under Invoice/Files.
If not received, send question to Supplier and ask for First Article Report.
Upload file under Invoice/Files/First Article Report. File will be sent out on CPO.


Handling incoming files:

Every file you receive from the suppliers shall be sent out to the customers through the appropriate functions in EC. The only thing you need to check is to see if the file is a First Article Report (FAR) or not.
If it has, use the FAR-function, if not - use the other file function in EC. EC will send the files out to the customer and mark the files as received. 


Cancellations : 

"Orders can only be cancelled without charge until X days before the confirmed delivery time, where X is 1,5 times the quoted lead time with a minimum of 21 days. The Customer is obliged to pay for the production processes that has been completed, the Non Recurring Expenses (NRE) and a termination fee of 10 % of the total order for termination after this period. 

X day: is for procurement to determine if cancellation can be accepted.

CM and Procurement (minimum level Senior Procurement Engineer) should always be involved when there is a cancellation from  customer

If cancellation during EQs, please also make sure all tickets are solved, and find out consequences for Elmatica by cancelling (future orders, business development etc)

Once the cancellation cost is determined please assign the ticket to accounting, this department will be in charge of creating the invoice as requeted.



Rescheduling :

ELMATICA receive a LOT of pull in requirements.

Customer service can not prioritize all, and we need support from CMs to clarify which customers or orders should be prioritized.

Customer service receive between 15-20 pull in requests every day, and one request can contain from 1 to 10 order lines.

The re-schedule process is time consuming process from planner at customer -> purchaser at customer -> our CM or broker -> customer service -> customer service in factory -> planner in factory. If they reject it goes all the way back, it escalates and go one more round.

By pushing so many orders, we will not be able to prioritize those orders which ARE important for ELMATICA, as all pull ins are treated the same way. Result is also that suppliers receive many individual pull in requests every day from different persons in our CS department.

Please below regarding pull in requirements:

If the order is not confirmed yet, reschedule can be requested/informed to our supplier

Please note that none of our suppliers can ship earlier without our approval

Supplier in Asia:

    • Quick turn supplier (KBC, AFP, WMD): We can ask for pull in
    • Volume supplier: 
      • CS will check in EC if the order is respecting the LT and the requested date.
        • If  LT and date is respected - CS will reply “Unfortunately we are not able to pull in this order”
          • If the customer comes back please assign to CM “please escalate to Sales Director if pull in is needed from customer if not assign back to CS with an internal comment not needed to pull in” 
          • If not needed CS will continue to refuse the pull in to customer.
        • If LT and date not respected - CS will check if supplier is not part of the special increase standard LT
          • If it is, do not ask for pull in and reply “Unfortunately we are not able to pull in” if the customer comes back please assign to CM and ask “please escalate to Sales Director if pull in is needed from customer, if not assign back to CS with an internal comment not needed”
          • If the pull in is needed, the Sales Director will send the action to the Customer Service Manager. 

If the orders are from Olympic and concern:

VELUX, DELTA, ZOLLNER, WILO, ELTEK or KITE, the orders need to be placed in the priority list by CS China from the confirmation stage if delivery date cannot meet the delivery date requested.

If pull in requested for VELUX, DELTA, ELTEK or KITE please check with the Procurement Chief before taking any action, ZOLLNER, WILO please check with Broker.

In case of push from other Elmatica employees than the Chief of Procument or Director of Sales, CS must inform the Customer Service Manager.

Supplier in Europe:

  • We can ask for pull in or stock if not able to pull in
  • Exept for ILFA due to material and complexity of the boards.


If customer ask for pull in with extra cost, CS can ask for pull in to the supplier.

All postpones can be requested to our supplier depending of the reschedule rules (see below)


Main reschedule rules:

  • We can reschedule an order 2 times by order maximum
  • We can reschedule an order for 7 days minimum in time, depending of  the accepted delivery date.
  • No reschedule closer than 14 days prior to delivery
  • No reschedule or pull in orders with special material, soldermask or SEA transport
  • No reschedule when production has started

All these aspects are based on written acceptance from Elmatica.



Please note that Special delivery procedures/approvals is under the responsability of the Senior Customer Manager and above


If an order shall not be finalised, to avoid any mistake CS will put under EC > Tracking number > "DO NOT FINALISE"

On hold for shipment:

In case of prepayment non solved or postpone requests needed from customer. Customer service needs to escalate the issue to the Senior Customer Service or the Customer Service Manager who will evaluate the situation. Customer Service will not accept to keep orders in FDS (Hong Kong Warehouse) until shipment.


Customer Portals - the procedure regarding the customer portal are in Note under EC

  • Fideltronik Poland Sp.zo.o.
    Fideltronik SA
  • Flextronics International Poland - Please send the invoice to Scanning Team Europe <> if you have problems with loading into portal

Please note that even if the currency and the Elmatica entity is not correct on the portal, please update it and inform our account department of it.

  • Flextronics Penang - Handeled by China
  • Zollner
  • Wilo - instruction will come later


Change of the address:

If the change of the address is requested by the customer, Customer Service must make sure that the country of the delivery and invoiced is the same. 

If not the incoterms of the shipment will may change from DDP to DAP.

Advise from Senior Customer Service and Customer Service Manager can be given in this situation.


FDS shipping requirement:

For shipment marked «Via active» in EC, please check shipment requirement for customer. This is located under «Documents and Notes» in EC.

Finalize order in EC once we received packing list and invoice from supplier.

Send the following information to FDS (

a) Elmatica Invoice

b) Package label

c) Package Slip

d) Declaration of Conformity

e) Packing list from supplier

f) Shipment requirements

FDS will remove all the invoice from supplier and attach Elmatica invoice.
Packing list need to be provided to DHL for customs clearance purpose.
FDS will send out the AWB# to


Shipment information Asia


Shipment Claim - missing pcs

If customer contact CS to inform that pcs are missing, CS must investigate the SPO and shipment document and inform customer how many pcs/pack and ask to the customer to recheck.

If after recheck customer find the pcs case solved

If not check with customer if the pcs are needed, and asked supplier if any stock, or remake possible - CS will involve CM and Procurement.

If the pcs are not needed but nothing shows that the supplier did not send the full quantity, CS will contact the CM who will advise how to proceed. If a Credit note is needed, CS will send the request to procurement.


Supplier Holidays:

Must be updated in EC under supplier - Edit and date

and also in this document:

Every 3 to 6 months, CS will ask our supplier to update their holidays and then update EC under Edit.

This include also the holidays of DHL (China, HK, Europe, USA, South Africa, Costa Rica, Turkey, Mexico), UPS, Toll, Global Forwarding and FDS HK.

The information will be share to the other department of Elmatica.

Before any periods off, CS will anticipate the pull in of the shipment. If long shut down, Senior Customer Service will advise the best date to pull in.

If short shut down (1-2 days) Customer Service will check 2 to 3 days before the shipments and organise the pull in .



Package rules

Customer Service will follow the package rules, if the rules are not followed the technical department will need to be informed. (Date Code accepted, documents and reports requested)


Technical documentation:

Some customer request microsection reports, coupons, specific tests and sometimes on each order. 

If any doubt on the requests please check first the related ticket of the order, and the article specificities, if no information found please ask the technical department for support


Communication and escalation rules:



The responsability of compliance, export license if under the Customer Service Manager.



Do not change things on orders in EC if you do not know what to do. If you have got a message that is important on an order - make an internal note on the SPO or CPO in Zendesk and assign the ticket as OPEN to the Supplier Orders or Customer Orders group.

Do not start to handle a ticket in Zendesk if you are not going to finish it.

DO NOT ASK about status on any order when you can find that information yourself. If you do not know where to look - ask your team leader.

Do not expect us to have updated all orders with the current status before 11:00 on weekdays. We spend the time before that handling all the notifications we have gotten during the night.

Do not push us on behalf of your customers. We handle all requests as soon as we can. We know what is confirmed and not - no need to tell us. If an order is not confirmed, it is either in EQ (you can see this yourself) or waiting for the supplier. We handle all suppliers each morning and several times during the day.

Before asking any questions regarding the procedure, Customer Service will first have to check and read the procedure, the Morning meeting file, and then ask the question to the Sernior or Customer Service Manager with first analyse and possible solutions. 


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