Engineering Queries to Elmatica PO

When Elmatica send order for a new article, the supplier will normally have Engineering Queries.

To make the EQ process smooth, we kindly ask you to:


1) Send EQ to the link provided in the PO mail, or use email address

For quick turn orders that shall be delivered within 10 days:

-The EQ shall be issued within 24 hours from receipt of PO.

For standard orders we request you to issue

-The EQ shall be issued within 48 hours from receipt of PO.


2) EQ shall be in one document 

We request you to control all queries in one document.

This means, if you have a need of further clarification after the first questions, then add the new questions inside the same document and resend to Elmatica. Do not use two separate documents! 

For engineering queries on new revision/version of existing article you have produced, you should add the engineering queries for the previous version, together with the answers, that is relevant also for the new version.

In general, please try to issue all queries first time. Additional rounds of EQ will always take time and potentially create a delay.


EQ template attached. 

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