Default Requirement to Outgoing Report(OR) / First Article Report(FAR)

Unless Purchasing order include a customer specific requirements to FAR or OR, the default requirement is: 

A Final Audit Report / First Article Report / Outgoing report shall include:

1 Certificate Of Compliance (may be a separate document) 
2 Full specification of the PO included PCB spec, 
3 quantity ordered and delivered, 
4 manufacturing standard and classification.

5 Layer build included name/type of all materials used.

6 Micro section report included photo of hole measured. Measurement report shall include measurements of surface, hole knee and middle of hole (left and right). One micro section coupon (specimen) shall follow the report.

7 Test report in accordance to IPC 6012/13/18 Table 4-3 Acceptance testing Frequency. The report shall specify the inspection/test (characteristic), method, requirement and test result/value. 
8 All measurements in mechanical drawing shall be measured and reported. The report shall contain a copy of the mechanical drawing with clear references to the measurements list.

9  Solderability test report shall include test method, standard/requirement and test result. The tested sample or coupon shall be attached. 

10 Electrical test specification included yield - boards tested and boards approved.

11. Copy of UL card identifying type number for the delivered article.


Customer Specific Requirements:

Any additional customer specific requirements shall be added to the report for this customer.


A simplified outgoing report can be accepted on request for prototypes and sample production.


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