Velux test sample lot submission procedure

Our customer Velux request us to send test samples from the production batch before we send the full order quantities. How the system works basically:-

1) Log into
    Password: Torben2015

2) Press the blue txt on the top: "Submit a request" and fill in the required information and press submit = send to Henrik.

3) Choose "IQC (Incoming Quality Control) - PCB"

4) Fill in the following:-
  Title: refer to Zendesk CPO ticket (Example: Order DC1645 test sample for Article 865244/03 panel rev.06)

  Description: Indicate manufacturing lot batch and quantities for the sample test

  Priority: based on the delivery date for the production lot to adjust accordingly

  Part Number, PCB Revision, and Panel Revision: refer to PO

  Year Code and Week Code: Date Code

  Traders Order Number: Elmatica PO Number

  PCB Manufacturer Name: Elmatica (Olympic)

  Manufacturing batch lot number: 

  Number of PCB's in batch or Lot: Total quantities for same Date Code

  Total of number of Gaasdal panels in Batch / Lot: Total quantities in panel for same Date Code

  Number of Gaasdal panels send for Analysis: According to Velux Sampling Plan

  Freight Company: DHL

  Tracking number, Expected Delivery Date of Samples, Delivery Date of Batch / Lot at Traders      Stock: Fill accordingly

5) Click "Submit"

6) Update Request number in Zendesk CPO ticket

7) When the micro section test is done at Velux, Henrik will reply back on our created Zendesk request that we have started and the lots can be / not be shipped out. Test time at Velux from receipt of samples is approximately 1 week.


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